The golden rule of irrigation

In the summer, of course, the plants need to be watered, otherwise they will begin to wither and dry out. But when and how to irrigate? We have collected 10 useful tips to make your job easier.

№1 principle: Provide equal hydration The abundance of plants requires uniform hydration. This is very important for me, but it is not enough.

№2 principles: Perform watering less often, but more carefully Teas of different colors, in good condition, are better than a few days: not good to improve, but, most give the most.

Author 3: Polivate night or night Neither time nor night, day and night, night and day, night and day. You need to give advance notice in order to win and win.

№4 Author: The leaves must be left dry Wet leaves are exposed to disease. If you do not want to be able to curl, then they return to the body. As far as the unique plaque falls in the daytime light, made for several people (the effect of the “loop” of the chapel waters).

Pravilo №5: Polyvaya-related supplements Correct watering – this coke is in contact with water. Too poorly watered usually leads to the fact that only the upper layer of moisture is moistened. Pravilnyy poliv also implies that agricultural cultures are particularly dependent on equal moisture in the soil, while they do not mature for the harvest.

№6 Author: Take a large dose of water Water seeps into the water gradually. Valuable water will not be spilled from the flower beds, not hit by designation, if a few produce water in factories.

№7 Author: Perform watering in one direction, but with distribution I do my best to be in one place or place to win something important, on the one hand, to get, to get and to get. It leads to an increase and spread of polyvinyls in any composition of poetry.

Правило №8: Improve your choice economically Perform watering in a minimum amount of volume. Based on the polivation of the process, the amount of polymer temperature is automatically increased using the system.

№9 Author: Avoid Excessive Moisture Excessive moisture prevents the release of air into the roots – the cells of the root remain without oxygen.

Author №10: Consumer-oriented clay soil Many, bull pen minerals, are characterized, expand the best, so they can better and more protect the heart. Thank you very much, light or weak.